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Easy HMS for Ophthalmology

The most stressful and challenging responsibilities in ophthalmology are treating patients, creating treatment programs, and writing prescriptions. The Ophthalmology EMR System can help ophthalmologists manage their workflows more efficiently because it saves time and money. This tool helps with the best possible clinical and administrative tasks. Even renowned ophthalmologists occasionally experience entrepreneurial difficulties. This system helps clinicians maximize the performance of their team members in order to offer the best possible patient care. By improving patient flow and enhancing patient satisfaction, it improves their revenue.


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An element or function known as a "laboratory module" in EMR software enables healthcare professionals to organize and access data pertaining to laboratory tests and results inside the electronic medical record system. An EMR system's laboratory module is essential because laboratory tests are important for identifying and keeping track of patient problems. Enhancing patient care and safety while reducing administrative procedures for healthcare providers is possible through effective management of this data within the EMR Software for Ophthalmology.

User Friendly

A user-friendly module is a particular feature or component of EMR Software for Ophthalmology that is intended to be simple to use, intuitive, and user-friendly for healthcare professionals who deal with the system frequently, such as doctors, nurses, and office staff. The main objective of user-friendly modules is to make it easier to record, access, and manage patient health information, which will ultimately lead to better patient care and more effective workflow. A user-friendly Hospital Management System improves efficiency, reduces errors, enhances patient care, and minimizes staff learning curve, requiring continuous feedback and involvement from end-users.

How It Works

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Maintenance Management

Hospitals manage numerous assets, including machinery, requiring regular maintenance. EMR Software for Ophthalmology tracks schedules and checklists, allowing easy complaint reporting and connection to stores.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-enabled reports in hospital administration software provide over 500 insights into essential hospital characteristics, significantly impacting organizational growth.


Easy Hospital Management System (Easy HMS) is a cutting-edge technology that uses advanced database analysis to forecast patient flow, revenue, and other parameters through it’s EMR software.

Patient Engagement

Hospital management system for ophthalmology enhances patient satisfaction, impacting organizational development and brand value, offering various options to make patient visits enjoyable.


In the digital age, EMR Software for Ophthalmology enable patients to securely pay for services from home keep their wallet, or pay via payment connections

Billing and Reimbursement

Billing Clearence

Discount Capping

Patient Wallet

Date Wise Credit

Credit Reports

Multi Payment Model

TPA Document

TPA/ Panel Configuration

IPD Refund

MIPS tracking

Seamless Integration

Hospital management system for ophthalmology utilize 24x7 bots to effectively communicHospital management software applications integrate 24x7 bots, automated chatbots, to enhance patient communication and efficiency. These bots send notifications, alerts, and reminders via various channels, promoting a patient-centric approach. This allows healthcare providers to reach individuals through their preferred means, improving the overall patient experience and effective information dissemination.

Tele Consultation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of tele-consultation, particularly in ophthalmology. Centralized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software has been used to facilitate remote consultations, enhancing diagnosis accuracy and continuity of care. Hospital management system for ophthalmology have also been integrated to streamline the process, promoting a more patient-centered approach to ophthalmic healthcare delivery. This integration not only addresses pandemic challenges but also improves accessibility and quality of care.

MIPS tracking


1. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) for Ophthalmology

A. Why Hospital Management System for Ophthalmology

The most arduous and demanding work in ophthalmology is treating patients, writing treatment regimens, and writing prescriptions. The enterprise hospital management solution EMR Software for Ophthalmology is a useful tool for managing the workflows of ophthalmologists because it reduces expenses and saves time. This programme is practical and aids in the optimal management of both clinical and administrative activities. Prominent ophthalmologists excel in their specialty but may lack entrepreneurial abilities. A chain of hospitals, a small clinic, or a mid-sized hospital can all be easily managed with the help of the Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS). EHMS assists physicians in getting the most out of their staff members and in giving the best possible patient experience. By increasing patient happiness, it improves patient flow and generates more income for them.

B. Best Electronic Medical Record for Ophthalmology

Electronic medical record (EMR) or Electronic Health Records is (EHR) stressful word for doctors who generally have huge flow of Out Patient for consultation. Easy Hospital Management System provide comprehensive but easy tool to save medical records of patients. What an Easy Hospital Management system makes things easier for doctor:
• Nursing Access: Nursing staff can pre-fill their observations hence reducing chunk of load of doctors.
• Tools to doctor: Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) provide tools to doctor to pre-save EMR workup as per different medical conditions.
• Digital Pen
• Drawing Tool
• Centralised Investigation Report access.
• Admission Medical record access during consultation
• Clinical Decision Support (CDS) System
• Machine Integration
• ICD10
• HIPPA Compliant
• HL7 Compliant

C. Enterprise Level Purchase & Inventory Management System

A hospital's purchase and inventory department is essential. A hospital often keeps a variety of inventories, including general, pharmaceutical, OT, and machinery. Easy HMS makes sure that the store has excellent departmental connections and that the inventory flow is managed digitally. Appropriate clearances are granted promptly. The store manager receives all the equipment needed to keep everything stocked.

Purchase management is connected with store and vendors. All purchase orders and approvals can be done through EHMS

The eye care software makes sure the hospital always keeps an adequate amount of inventory on hand and automatically notifies the store or buyer of any deviations from the norm. The vendor receives prompt notification of material delivery on the day specified in the purchase order, along with much more.
Any organisation needs human resources, but maintaining various processes like onboarding, training, shifts, leaves, payrolls, etc. becomes more difficult in hospitals.
Hospitals handle many assets, such as a variety of machinery that needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis. The EMR Software for Ophthalmology keeps track of all equipment maintenance schedules and checklists. Easy HMS is connected to the store and allows complaints to be raised using the system.
Artificial intelligence (AI) or AI-enabled reports assist hospitals in analyzing numerous essential hospital characteristics, which have a substantial impact on organizational growth. More than 500 reports in the hospital administration software can offer insight into each and every area of a hospital.
It's time to say goodbye to outdated systems that were just used to dump data for records because technology has advanced so much. A technology called Easy Hospital Management (Easy HMS) is now able to forecast patient flow, revenue, and a number of other parameters by digging deep into a sizable database and learning from different hospital data patterns.
For hospitals, maintaining and improving patient satisfaction is crucial since it has a significant impact on organizational development and brand value. The Software for hospital management focuses on this aspect as well and has a number of options at its disposal to make your patients' visits enjoyable.
The hospital software applications have thoroughly covered all communication channels because communication is very important. It can use a 24x7 bot to communicate with patients in both directions. sending notifications, alerts, and reminders via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other channels.
The COVID pandemic has altered how organizations and people view the delivery of healthcare, and teleconsultation and telemedicine are now employed more frequently than before. When it is connected to centralized EMR records, it is more productive. In order to manage teleconsultation appointments and video consultations, the Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) consolidates all patient data into a single digital file. Even during teleconsultations, doctors have access to all previous records.

We live in a digital age where hospitals can allow patients to pay from home before they visit or to pay digitally for a variety of services. Easy Hospital Management guarantees that patients can securely pay for hospital services from their home, keep their wallet, or pay via payment connections.

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