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1. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) for OBS & Gynae and IVF

A. Why Hospital Management System for Gynae & Obstetrics

Gynaecologists have the most tedious and stressful job, attending to patients, creating treatment plans and prescribing medicines. Easy Hospital Management System which is an enterprise grade management application is an effective tool to manage Gynecologist’s workflows by saving time & cutting costs. This application is convenient and help manage best of both (administrative operations and manage clinical). Top Gynaecologists are superb in their field but can lack entrepreneur skills. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) gives them easy tool to control their entire organization whether it is a small clinic, mid-size hospital or chain of hospitals. EHMS helps doctors to provide best patient experience and gain best potential output from their employees. It helps them gain patient satisfaction hence enhancing patient flow and revenues.

B. Best Electronic Medical Record for Gynae & OBS / IVF

Electronic medical record (EMR) or Electronic Health Records is (EHR) stressful word for doctors who generally have huge flow of Out Patient for consultation. Easy Hospital Management System provide comprehensive but easy tool to save medical records of patients. What an Easy Hospital Management system makes things easier for doctor:
• Nursing Access: Nursing staff can pre-fill their observations hence reducing chunk of load of doctors.
• Tools to doctor: Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) provide tools to doctor to pre-save EMR workup as per different medical conditions.
• Digital Pen
• Drawing Tool
• Centralised Investigation Report access.
• Admission Medical record access during consultation
• Clinical Decision Support (CDS) System
• Machine Integration
• ICD10
• HIPPA Compliant
• HL7 Compliant

C. Enterprise Level Purchase & Inventory Management System

Purchase and Inventory is crucial part of any hospital. Hospital generally stores various kind of inventories like OT, Medicine, General, Machinery etc. Easy HMS ensures that store is well connected to each and every department and flow of inventory is digitally maintained. Proper approvals are given in timely fashion. Store in-charge gets all tools to maintain all stocking point.

Purchase management is connected with store and vendors. All purchase orders and approvals can be done through EHMS

Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) ensures that hospital always maintain sufficient level of inventory and store/purchase gets auto alert of any exceptions through system. Vendor gets timely notification of delivery of material as per purchase order due date and much more…
Human resource is very important for any organization and when it comes to hospitals it becomes more challenging to maintain several processes like on boarding, training, shifts, leaves, payrolls etc.
Hospitals deals with lot of assets including various machineries which requires regular maintenance and proper upkeeping. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) maintain all checklist of machineries and maintenance schedule. Easy HMS enables complained to be raised through system and is linked with store.
Artificial Intelligence or AI enabled reports helps hospitals to analyse various key parameters of Hospitals, which can affect organization growth significantly. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) has more than 500 reports which can provide insights on each and every aspect of a hospital.
Technology has come a long way and it’s time to say good bye to old age system which were only used to dump data for records purpose only. Now system like Easy Hospital Management System (Easy HMS) are deep dive into huge database and learn from various data pattern of hospitals and predict patient flow, revenue and on various other factors.
Patient retention and experience is very important for hospitals, this can immensely impact on organizational growth and brand value. Easy Hospital Management system (EHMS) also focus on this factor and have several tools in its kitty to make your patients visit a joyful experience.
Communication is key and Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) has broadly covered all communication channel. It has capability of two-way communication with patients using 24X7 bot. Sending alerts, reminders and notification through SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Facebook etc.
Pandemic like COVID has changed organization and peoples outlook towards method of care giving and Tele-consultation or Tele-medicine is now used more frequently than earlier. It is more fruitful when it is linked with centralise EMR records. Easy Hospital Management System (EHMS) manages teleconsultation appointments and Video-consultation, centralizing all patient data into single digital file. Doctors have access to all old records even during teleconsultations.

We are living in era of digitalization and hospitals can now facilitate to patients to pay from home before coming to hospital or pay digitally for availing various services. Easy Hospital Management ensures patients can pay securely from their home for hospitals services, can maintain their wallet or pay using payment links.

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