Role of WhatsApp Chatbots in Healthcare

Due to COVID the healthcare industry is facing hustle lately. The current demands of people who are looking for quality healthcare without the face-to-face barriers that prevent so many from seeking treatment has increased on the system that is why traditional way of conducting hospital business is not working good enough.

This where most Hospitals are adapting digital transformation in order to provide healthcare services more efficiently while also scaling up and improving overall satisfaction. For the healthcare industry to achieve this, WhatsApp can play a vital role as it is the most popular messaging channel today undoubtedly in order to engage with their patients and residents on a more personal level, right when they need them the most. For example, deploying inspired health-focused chatbots that can help people find medical facilities or ward information is an effective way for hospitals to reach out to their customers while also automating these conversations via a messenger, helping them scale and reach more people simultaneously!

WhatsApp chatbots are crucial in the healthcare sector: - Easy HMS helps in multiple ways

Booking appointments - An Easy HMS Chabot can help patients in scheduling appointments can refer the patient to particular hospitals, or departments and doctors within a hospital. Easy HMS Chabot can also share doctor schedules, and even help patient’s book appointments for consultations and check-ups.

Appointment reminders - Missing an appointment can be quite frustrating for patients. Especially when an appointment is booked online, there are chances that patients might miss the exact times and schedules. An Easy HMS Chabot can send timely reminders of upcoming appointments and also send confirmation messages to both the patients as well as the concerned department/hospital/clinic.

Health tips - An Easy HMS Chabot for healthcare can easily send daily health tips and prompt notifications for exercising, maintaining hygiene, having a balanced diet, etc. to promote overall good health and eating habits. This will not only draw patients to have a more healthy lifestyle, but also gives a boost to your overall brand value.

Feedback and patient support - Hospitals get a lot of calls on a daily basis and they need to deal with a majority of these calls which are about grievances. Bots can handle these queries, document them, provide them with relevant information, transfer them to the appropriate department, and even collect feedback. Complex queries can be smoothly handed over to live agents or support teams who can take it further for resolution. An Easy HMS Chabot even offer the patients the record of past conversations, and relevant information provided.

Role of WhatsApp Chatbots in Healthcare

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