Key Reasons that Cause Distrust between Doctors and Patients

1) Gaps in transparency between patients and doctors

With the lack of interaction between patients and doctors, there is a high risk of issues like transparency and corruption that have increased with time. This scenario creates mistrust among the common people against all doctors and medical professionals.

Easy HMS provides transparency concerning time consumed for health treatments, medical procedures, and medicine costs before a patient’s treatment should be shared whenever the patient or his relatives ask.

2) Follow-up should be a part of doctor-patient communication

Once the patient is guided on follow-ups by doctors and medical professionals, they must ensure they are not missing the schedules. Doctors are not given training on communication skills sets and their responsibilities to society.

However, these follow-up notifications can be enabled by Easy healthcare management software or an Easy clinic management system.

3) Lack of ample attention given to patients

Doctors in India attend patients involving an average time of merely 2 minutes.The study further suggests that patients are the losers here, paying more at pharmacies, over-utilizing antibiotics, and having a deprived relation with doctors.

Furthermore, doctors in public hospitals consult multiple patients on a single visit due to the rush at OPDs. It is therefore not rare for doctors to mix up treatments and symptoms amid different patients.

4) Absence of informal interaction between patients and doctors

There is even a requirement to build platforms for informal interaction between patients and doctors to discuss their viewpoints so patients can build trust and traditional media require playing an optimistic role than always showing loopholes. They need to display an informed view to drive positive discussions on healthcare and medical treatment topics. Doctors can play an active part in this scenario to build trust in patients through webinars and enabling digital media publications.

5) Referral income to doctors and medical professionals

The medical industry must eliminate the involved referral commission to medical professionals and doctors for sending patients to other medical facilities.

However, cost-effectiveness and affordability are other challenges across the healthcare sector. The government requires giving apt incentives to healthcare stakeholders and businesses, and it requires building the precise medical ecosystem and setting up health care policies for enabling investments.

Key Reasons why the above factors happen at hospitals?
● High work pressure on hospitals In the current scenario, the high work pressure and stressful working conditions have negative impacts on most doctors’ health in diverse medical specialities, which leads to the above-discussed issues.
● Administrative mismanagement at hospitals Even mismanagement and poor responsiveness from medical administrative staff at hospitals leads to these discussed factors, which further increase trust deficit amongst Indian patients.
● Lack of innovation by the healthcare community Even though the Indian government has introduced vital initiatives that will take medicine and health care sector closer to growth and achievements. However, there is still a lack of healthcare innovation and smart handling of operational activities in hospitals considering the current ground realism.
And this is one of the causes of trust deficient factors affecting the whole healthcare community. All this mismanagement, lack of innovation and high work pressure can be resolved by adopting Easy Healthcare Management Software (HMS) and Easy clinic management system.

Key Reasons that Cause Distrust between Doctors and Patients

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