How to Reduce Waiting Time in Your Practice with an HMS?

Having your own practice means taking care of the major problems as well as the minute details. You must have an efficient system because even the best doctors lose a lot of patients due to long waiting times and other problems in the waiting room.
Once the patients are in your waiting room, every comfort and discomfort they experience is your responsibility. They should be managed the moment they come in and until they leave your doors.
According to a study, the top two reasons for long waiting periods are late patient arrival (when scheduled) and unexpected patient issues (such as requiring extra documents). Knowing the reasons can help you in making your system more efficient.
Here are some data-driven tips that will help you reduce waiting time. Let’s start with some no-brainer ones and then move to an Easy HMS option.

Easy HMS helps in gathering Patient Information in Advance

It may seem convenient to collect patient info at the time of the visit, but that’s an illusion. These documents should be ready and waiting before the patient is examined so that the doctor knows all the relevant details to make a diagnosis or give a treatment plan. It actually clogs up a practice and creates extra waiting because some patients take longer to fill forms than others. Having the option of filling out all the forms at their convenience before the appointment will prevent delays and make your system more efficient. You can delegate this work to a staff member or to an Easy Hospital Management System (Easy HMS)

☆ Schedule in Break Time

The most efficient medical practices lower patient wait times by separating different duties. One team member can check patients in, while another answers phones, handles scheduling, and reaches out to patients to collect info for tomorrow’s appointments.
The schedule should be full with some time off in between so you can have the mental and the physical rest to be better and at an optimal energy level to do your work. The best way to schedule your work is by leveraging a clinic management solution that can provide time slots to patients who are not already booked.

☆ Notifications on phone

Many patients actually prefer text Notifications over a phone calls as phone call at a busy moment can be forgotten, whereas a text message provides a written record.

☆ Increase Transparency

Transparent Process is the best way to keep your patients satisfied with your services and reduce waiting time. The most compelling reasons why patients move to a new doctor are – lack of communication, lack of patient safety, and low-quality service.
Easy Hospital Management System (Easy HMS) are designed specifically to increase the trust of patients in doctors by taking care of the essential elements of your service.

☆ Appointments Policy

If you allow patients to schedule their appointments, there are bound to be late arrivals or cancellations. You can reschedule or cancel your appointments. Easy Hospital Management System (Easy HMS) is the best way to automate workflow.

How to Reduce Waiting Time in Your Practice with an Easy HMS?

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